Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Listen and call in tomorrow morning to WBEZ at 9:00 am to tell us who won tonight's Presidential Debate and question Berkowitz, Zorn and Steele

Jeff Berkowitz joins Chicago Tribune columnist [and father of Chicago blogging] Eric Zorn and Eight Forty-Eight's host Richard Steele tomorrow morning for analysis and discussion of tonight’s third 2008 Presidential debate. Tune in to Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ, 91.5 FM radio from 9:00 am to 9:30 am am to hear the program. You can call in at 312-832-3124-- and fire away at Zorn, Berkowitz and Steele-- a free fire zone, so to speak.

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Some potential questions that may be discussed tomorrow morning:

Did John McCain finally stop talking about "greed," on Wall St. as the cause of the financial sector turmoil, and thus stop de-energizing his conservative base?

Did Senator McCain start making a coherent case for the argument that it was the wrong kind of regulation, or blocked regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by Democratic Senator Chris Dodd [CT] and Democratic U. S. Rep. Barney Frank [MA], that helped torpedo the financial markets and the U. S. Economy?

Did Senator Obama try to play it safe and not say snything or did he aggressively try to make his case that Obama is the "one," who is the real tax cutter?

Did Obama back off from his statements that he might raise capital gains and dividends taxes in these tough economic times?

Did McCain back off his peculiar promises to soak responsible taxpayers with the costs of bad mortgages purchased by irresponsible buyers and lenders?

Did McCain finally raise the issue that Obama exercised poor judgment by staying in a church for two decades with a Pastor who seemed to think it was a good idea to rally his congregants with the cry, "God Damn America." and it's government for giving Aids to African-Americans?

Did Obama cement his win by demonstrating that McCain is erratic and can be easily distracted from making a coherent argument?

Did McCain make the argument that former terrorists, e.g., Bill Ayers, who haven't renounced their previous attempt to bomb the Capitol aren't the right people to host events for responible politicians?

Did Obama make the argument that responsible presidential candidates don't select unqualified running mates who aren't prepared to be President?

Did McCain make the argument that Bill Ayers has radical, un-American ideas about education reform and it was wrong for Obama to work with Ayers to send Annenberg money to groups who promoted Un-American, segregationist ideas to American kids?

Did Obama make the argument that Ayers and the groups he supported have been supported and praised by Mayor Daley and Chicago Public Schools CEOs Paul Vallas and Arne Duncan-- so they are well within the mainstream of responsible government?

Did McCain make the argument that Obama is no reformer and that he has never stood up to the Corrupt Chicago Machine. Even when Obama had the chance to support his ally and friend, reformer Forrest Claypool for Cook County Board President, Obama sat on the fence, letting machine John Stroger win the race and John then handed off the office to his corrupt son, Todd Stroger. Same old, same old with Barack Obama?

Did Obama make the argument that we should be talking about the cost of a mistaken war and an economy in free fall, not about a Cook County Board race?

Did McCain make the argument that Obama is tied to a corrupt, convicted felon, Tony Rezko, with whom Obama spoke almost daily when he ran for the U. S. Senate?

Did McCain argue his initial support for the bailout was a mistake because the legislation was too vague and sweeping in its power granted to the Treasury?

Did McCain argue he now favors a focused injection of capital to financial institutions and a relaxation of "mark to market," which will allow appropriate loans to be made and credit issued?

Did Obama argue McCain-Palin are not taking appropriate actions to control audience members who yell, "Kill him."

Did McCain argue Obama should have reprimanded Obama supporter Cong. John Lewis for suggesting McCain-Palin have acted in a manner similar to Gov. George Wallace?

Did McCain argue from little ACORNS do Fraudulent Acorns grow and that Obama is tied to those voter fraud acorns?

Did the debate moderator, 71 year old Bob Schieffer, ask any tough, probing, follow-up questions that either got at the above, or allowed the candidates to get into the above?
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