Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cong. Foster: A tax increase for families outside the middle class, with incomes above 200K?

Cong. Bill Foster (D- Geneva, 14th CD): …Now, Democrats in Congress are fighting to cut taxes for middle class families who need relief…

Democratic Response to the President’s weekly address, taped on March 28, 2008 and broadcast on March 29, 2008 [See here for more about the Democratic Response and background on the Special election contest between Democrat Foster [who has declined, to date, to appear on "Public Affairs,"] and his Republican opponent, Jim Oberweis [watch here] and the Fall, 2008 re-match.
Cong. Bill Foster …One of the big difficulties that I had with [the Democratic Budget] is that it didn’t really lock in the middle class tax cuts that I had campaigned on. There appeared to be not tight enough language to really guarantee those will actually take place …

Press Conference, Cong. Foster, March 28, 2008 [See here and below for additional partial transcripts of the presser].
Jeff Berkowitz: What family income level would you protect [from tax increases]? You talked about…not wanting to overturn the Bush tax cuts with respect to those with middle incomes? How would you define that? Would you not raise taxes on people who have incomes up to $150,000?

Cong. Bill Foster (D- Geneva,14th CD): I’d say the top 1 or 2 %. The bottom 98% of the U. S. I would try to protect.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you know the figure, though. Is that to you less than $200,000 [in annual family income], or what figure?

Cong. Bill Foster: Well, 1% I believe is above $200,000 and 2% is a little below $200,000. But, it’s a number in that range and frankly, as a freshman in congress I am not going to be driving that bus.

Press Conference, Cong. Foster, March 28, 2008
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