Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Better than UCLA v. UNC in B-Ball: McCarron on Mayor Daley

Jeff Berkowitz: …you give the Mayor an A or A- on [the criterion of ] a workable city; you give him a C- on fighting corruption; over-all, give him his grade, end of the term.

John McCarron: I’d average it out as a B+.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you are pretty high on this Mayor?
This Week's suburban edition of "Public Affairs," airing in the Chicago metro suburbs, features John McCarron, Chicago Tribune columnist, Adjunct Professor at the Medill School of Journalism and consultant to the MacArthur Foundation, debating and discussing the issues with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz. See, below, for the Public Affairs suburban airing schedule, including a special airing in ten suburbs tonight. You may also, within a few days, [Watch the show with John McCarron here].
Topics discussed in the Public Affairs show with John McCarron include public corruption and major accomplishments under Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, the February 27, 2007 mayoral election and Daley's opponents [Dorothy Brown and Dock Walls]; Chicago Public School improvement under Daley, charter schools and school vouchers; uneven economic development in Chicago under Daley and the impact of a Big Box living wage in Chicago, the impact of a higher minimum wage in Illinois than in surrounding states and the impact of the national minimum wage; raising the collar counties' sales tax for mass transit operations; raising state taxes for education and other purposes; actions by Mayor Daley's patronage chief Robert Sorich and City of Chicago Water Department/political honcho Don Tomczak; sending Jeremiah Joyce and Tim Degnan "away," and much, much more.
John McCarron will be the featured guest on the Monday, Jan. 1, 2007 [New Years Day], 8:30 pm, Cable Ch. 21] City of Chicago edition of "Public Affairs."
The "Public Affairs," podcast page gives you a choice of more than twenty-five episodes of “Public Affairs," including our recent shows with John McCarron [to be added later this week], Gery Chico, State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger [R-Elgin], Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown [D] and State Rep. Julie Hamos [D-Evanston], as well as interviews, discussions or remarks with or by U. S. Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giulianiand many, many more pols on our video podcast page[Watch here].
Jeff Berkowitz: …if you had to predict now, give us that prediction—Mayor Daley, what percent of the vote [will he get on Feb. 27, 2007]?

John McCarron: 75% of the vote.
Jeff Berkowitz: Let’s change the scenario. Say it is not such a Happy New Year for Mayor Daley—everybody is surprised and he gets indicted before the February election—just hypothetically, we are not saying it is going to happen but if that happens, what would those numbers look like then?

John McCarron: Then, all bets are off—

Jeff Berkowitz: You mean Dorothy Brown [or Dock Walls] could actually win with an indictment of Mayor Daley?

John McCarron: Well, let me say then my 75% bet is off, then he [Daley] might have trouble scraping in with 50%, but even indicted-- the Mayor is so popular right now; the City looks so good-- I realize there are problems in the shadows, but he is riding high, here, and we could talk about corruption later—
John McCarron: There is a lot [of public corruption around him]…I do agree- I am not saying he is part of it because I don’t think there are any Swiss banks accounts here or anything like that…but what we are seeing is the general criminalization of what we had grown up with as business as usual…

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you would agree that Senator Peter Fitzgerald had a major impact—and would you say a positive impact on the State of Illinois?

John McCarron: Yes, I would.

Jeff Berkowitz: By working hard to bring in Patrick Fitzgerald as the U. S. Attorney [for the Northern District of Illinois].

John McCarron: Yes, I would. I mean shame on me and shame on my city editors [at the Chicago Tribune] when I was growing up in journalism in Chicago for accepting what was going on. I think it maybe took an outsider [U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald] to come in and say, “Hey, this is wrong.”
Jeff Berkowitz: Was it wrong when Don Tomczak, the Water Department Chief- whatever you want to call him—they may have had somebody who was the real chief—but it was Don Tomczak who was out there directing the Daley army to elect… Rahm Emanuel over Nancy Kazsak in the 2002 Democratic Primary [for the 5th Cong. Dist. seat]; Rahm now is where he is [Democratic Congressional Campaign Chairman who helped to elect a Democratic majority in the U. S. House]—

John McCarron: Tomczak even went down and I think helped elect his son State’s Attorney [Republican] in Will County on weekends—

Jeff Berkowitz: But, that was free lancing. The point is—didn’t Daley know what Tomczak was doing? He [Tomczak] has been there forever.

John McCarron: Boy, if he didn’t know—we know we have another problem. [Then we would] have an ignoramus in the Mayor’s office in Chicago. So, I’d like to think, yes, he knew but he just kind of wished he didn’t know but he wasn’t about to disturb the applecart.

Jeff Berkowitz: Did he know in a legal sense? Did he have that kind of knowledge? Because, if so, he may have some troubles.

John McCarron: Well, indeed, he might. You know, the Feds have been in his office.

Jeff Berkowitz: Daley’s office.

John McCarron: They have interviewed him. They have pulled records out of the City side of the [Cook] County building. [Out of the Cook County side, too]. So, yeah, this could come into play and it could come into play very soon. But, I still think even if he [Mayor Daley] were indicted, which is extremely unlikely, I think he’d still win [in the February election].
Jeff Berkowitz: …So, you give the Mayor an A or A- on [the criterion of ] a workable city; you give him a C- on fighting corruption; over-all, give him his grade, end of the term.

John McCarron: I’d average it out as a B+.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you are pretty high on this Mayor?

John McCarron: Corruption is what is keeping him [Daley] from being a great Mayor for all ages, I think. A LaGuardia level of mayor.
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