Friday, October 13, 2006

Fox reports on Bean-McSweeney 8th CD Ad controversy

The Bean-McSweeney ad controversy [See here] in the Illinois 8th Cong. Dist. heated up further as David McSweeney [R-Barrington Hills] hit the broadcast airwaves yesterday with his own ad, labeling the first term incumbent Melissa Bean’s [D-Barrington] ad “a lie,” citing to this reporter’s discussion of same in this blog.

The Fox News Channel reported on the 8th CD campaign controversy this evening on Brit Hume’s Special Report nightly weekday television show [5:00 pm, Cable Ch. 54], and you can watch the segment [here] or when the show is re-run this evening at 11:00 pm or on Saturday morning at 5:00 am [CST] [The Bean-McSweeney segments airs about 20 minutes into the show].

The Wall St. Journal, on which the Bean campaign relied in part for its assertion as to McSweeney’s views on abortion, has now conceded it got McSweeney’s views on abortion wrong, as this reporter wrote earlier this week [See here], and the Wall St. Journal will print a “clarification,” tomorrow.

Steve Brown, Fox News Channel Midwest Bureau Chief, reports on this evening’s show that “the Bean campaign says it is going to continue running the ad despite today’s admission [of error] from the Wall St. Journal.”

Eric Adelstein, Bean Campaign media consultant, is fond of using Ken Starr’s line, “Facts are stubborn things.” However, the Bean campaign’s motto now seems to be : “Our errors are stubborn things.”

Is this Democrat Congresswoman Bean’s version of “Staying the course.” Even the Wall St. Journal seems to realize that this is the time for a mid-course correction. Should the Bean campaign reconsider, do some damage control and pull its incorrect ad? We discuss, you decide.
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