Monday, June 05, 2006

Presidential Candidate Cox on TV and Streaming

"Public Affairs," features, tonight, John Cox [R-Chicago], an early announced candidate in the 2008 Republican Presidential Primary . The show airs through-out the City of Chicago on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21 at 8:30 pm; You can also watch the program right now, and anytime after, on the "Public Affairs," podcast page on your computer [See here].

The "Public Affairs," podcast page gives you a choice of more than 20 different episodes of “Public Affairs," in addition to the show with Presidential Candidate John Cox[See here]. The podcast page also includes Press Conferences held after last week's gubernatorial debate with Judy Baar Topinka and Gov. Blagojevich followed by the last interview ever done of Dick Kay, while he was the NBC-5 News Political Editor; Professors Bleakley and Chiswick debating immigration issues, Mayoral Candidate Bill Dock Walls, State Senate Republican Nominee [27th Dist.] Matt Murphy; a joint press conference with Senator Obama [D-Illinois] and Congresswoman Bean [D-Barrington]; Tony Peraica, Cook County Commissioner and Republican Nominee for Cook County Board President and much, much more.[See here].
For a partial transcript [Immigration issues] of the Cox show and more about John Cox's background, go here.
Another partial transcript of the show is included directly, below.
Replacing the income tax with a National Sales Tax:

Jeff Berkowitz: Let me shift gears onto fiscal policy and tax side; As you know, the Bush Republicans push hard on making permanent the Bush tax cuts of 01 and 03.

John Cox: Um, um.

Jeff Berkowitz: As you know, those tax cuts [are on] the marginal rates, cuts in [the] capital gains [tax] and to do something about the death tax.

John Cox: Yeah.

Jeff Berkowitz: You have been talking about junking the IRS system, removing the income tax, and replacing it with a national sales tax, right?

John Cox: Absolutely. I’m a CPA, as you know. I’ll be the first CPA to be President. I look forward to the opportunity to educate the American public on the idea that this code is too complex to be fixed. It’s broken. It needs to be trashed.

Jeff Berkowitz: Does that marginalize you or make you a fringe candidate?

John Cox: Not at all. Not at all.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you think chances are high that somebody is going to vote for somebody who wants to junk the income tax

John Cox: There is proposed legislation in the House that today has fifty four sponsors, I believe. U. S. Senators, like Jim DeMint [R] of South Carolina, one of the early primary states, has made it a huge issue. This is not something that a fringe wants. I’ve already heard from thousands of people around the country who want a change. I’ve got to tell you, the average American is tired of wrestling with—they’re frankly tired of the corruption in Washington. And, my book is directed at that, Jeff. It’s directed at the corruption of special interests supporting career politicians, people who go to Washington to make money for themselves and then sell tax benefits and populate the [IRS] Code with corrupt provisions.

Can Cox finance a Presidential run?

Jeff Berkowitz: How much is it going to take to run a campaign for President?

John Cox: It’s going to take millions.

Jeff Berkowitz: Thirty million, forty million?

John Cox: But, Howard- Howard Dean started with nothing and raised forty million dollars in 2002. Alan Keyes in 1996, before the internet was as big as it is, before the blogosphere, before Fox News was able to get the word out, Alan Keyes raised something like fifteen million dollars for the Presidential campaign. I believe, as an outsider, as a businessman, as someone who’s not a career politician, with the low approval ratings of the President, the low approval ratings of Congress, people are sending a message that they’re sick and tired of career politicians buying office with taxpayer money. They want an outsider. They want these solutions addressed with statesmanship, not the partisanship that passes for that.

Jeff Berkowitz: As an outsider, you’re trying to become an insider, trying to get inside. How much could you yourself contribute to your campaign?

John Cox: I am going to get a seat at the table, Jeff. I have enough resources to get a seat at the table. So, I’m going to be able to finance a campaign all the way through.

Jeff Berkowitz: What’s your net worth?

John Cox: I’m not going to go into it, but--

Jeff Berkowitz: Wait a second. When you ran for Congress-

John Cox : There’s a federal disclosure. People can-

Jeff Berkowitz: Why don’t you just disclose what you disclosed then?.

John Cox: People can--It’s a range.

Jeff Berkowitz: What is the range?

John Cox: It’s not relevant. The point--

Jeff Berkowitz: It is. John-

John Cox: Let people go look at it.

Jeff Berkowitz: You want people to go look at it, but you don’t want to tell our viewers-

John Cox: I have enough. The point is-

Jeff Berkowitz: You won’t even answer the question of what you put down [on the federal disclosure form]? What is publicly available? What was the range of your net worth?

John Cox: There’s no number on the sheet [disclosure form]. Go look at it. There’s no number on a sheet of what my net worth range is. They ask for a range of value of each asset, so I couldn’t tell you today [what my net worth is.] I don’t even know.

Jeff Berkowitz: You don’t know what it was back in 2000 when you ran [for Congress]?

John Cox: I don’t even know. No. I don’t. You don’t know what the form looks like. The form says “list all your assets” and you put a range in for all your assets. They don’t ask for a bottom-line number. So, go look at it. Add it all up. I didn’t add it all up.

School vouchers-school choice:

Jeff Berkowitz: Education. You’re a big supporter of school choice.

John Cox: I am, indeed.

Jeff Berkowitz: And school vouchers, right?

John Cox: I was a school board president of a parochial school, and my mother taught school in the Chicago public school system for thirty years. So, I’ve seen both systems. I believe we need competition. We need parental choice. We need to make our schools a lot better.

Jeff Berkowitz: Should the federal government promote school choice, school vouchers?

John Cox: No, I think the federal government shouldn’t be involved in it. It should be a local issue.

Jeff Berkowitz: So [the federal government should] just encourage it.

John Cox: But, the Presidency is a bully pulpit. And, you know that as well as I do.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, you would use it for that reason?

John Cox: I would absolutely use it to improve education. I think No Child Left Behind had that intent, but the Republicans, and, of course, the Democrats, wouldn’t stand for [school] vouchers, or a way out of the bad schools. That’s why it hasn’t been the ground-breaking legislation that it should have been.

Cox: A Jack Kemp Republican

Jeff Berkowitz: CAFTA, NAFTA, you would have supported?

John Cox: I’m a free trader, all the way. I’m a Jack Kemp Republican, as I said, not a Pat Buchanan Republican.

Ethanol, Oil and Energy:

Jeff Berkowitz: Ethanol. Should there be ethanol subsidies?

John Cox: I believe that we need a cleaner air. Ethanol burns cleaner. I believe in renewable energy to ethanol.

Jeff Berkowitz: You favor subsidies to ethanol?

John Cox: No, I favor preferences, which is different. I favor basically allowing or encouraging investment, so I would reduce regulation to allow more ethanol plants to be produced, and more ethanol to be produced.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you think the United States needs to be more self-sufficient in terms of using less oil from the Middle East? Or anywhere else?

John Cox: No. No. As a matter of fact, I think we need to increase supply. If we didn’t have enough food, would people run around saying, “eat less?” No. We’d figure out a way to make more food, make it more efficiently, make it less expensively. I think we need to do that with energy.

Jeff Berkowitz: That’s the answer with energy?

John Cox: Absolutely. We need more energy. We need to diversify and we need more energy.

Reforming Health Insurance:

Jeff Berkowitz: We’re going to continue to speak as the credits roll, but I very much want to thank our guest, John Cox, who is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. John, thank you so much for coming. I hope you come back, and keep our viewers apprised on how the campaign is going. Let me ask you, on healthcare. People talk about forty million people being uninsured. So, they want to have some kind of a universal healthcare system. What’s your solution?

John Cox: More competition. More health insurers. Right now, we don’t allow people to have insurance companies go in a multi-state fashion. There is an association health bill that is currently before Congress. The other part of the problem with health insurance is that not enough people want to start health insurance companies because it is so restricted. There are so many laws that require certain coverages. There is a “guarantee,” issue. What Mitt Romney signed in Massachusetts I think was, and what we’re going see is going to be a failure because Massachusetts, at the same time, has oppressive regulations that basically limit competition. We need more insurance companies. We need more doctors and we can do something about the tort system.

Jeff Berkowitz: Medical malpractice reform?

John Cox: No question about it. More doctors
, more nurses.

The Nuclear Club:

Jeff Berkowitz: Back to FOREIGN POLICY.
John Cox: The nuclear club, as big as it is, should be small.

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you consider military action to take out the nuclear capability in Iran?

John Cox: I wouldn’t take it off the table but I would use diplomacy and …
Public Affairs, with John Cox, the first candidate to announce for the 2008 Republican Presidential Primary , was recorded on May 21, 2006 and is airing on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs tonight, June 5 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21. The show with Chicago resident John Cox is available, right now, as a video podcast at the Public Affairs Cinema Complex, along with more than twenty other shows, which are also airing there. [See here].
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