Friday, April 28, 2006

Could Dock end the Daley Dynasty?

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1. Kudos to WTTW and Jack Roeser, the Odd Couple
2. The ethically challenged Governor and CPS
3. Is Democratic State Treasurer nominee Alexi Giannoulias ready for Prime Time?
4. Could Barack Obama be the next John Kerry?
5. Republican State Treasurer nominee and State Senator Christine Radogno [R-Lemont] featured on "Public Affairs," this Monday night through-out the City of Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 at 8:30 pm. [Go here to watch, or listen to, our program with Sen. Radogno, and 19 others, on your computer right now].

I am taping Bill Dock Walls this Sunday afternoon for our television show “Public Affairs.” Dock Walls, who worked in the Harold Washington Administration for two years, is the first declared candidate to take on Mayor Daley in Chicago's February 27, 2007 election [April 17, 2007 run-off between the two candidates receiving the highest vote totals, if no one receives more than 50% of the vote.]

That, of course, assumes the 64 year old Mayor runs again. Barring any indictments that come much closer to him than those already handed down by the U. S. Attorney’s office and barring any more serious health issues for the Mayor’s wife and himself [Some of the City Hall wags suggest the Mayor doesn't look to be 100%, of late], the smart money says Mayor Daley runs one more time.

One, there is nothing Mayor Daley would rather do than be Mayor. Two, paraphrasing Senator Obama’s maxim about every man’s goal in life, Daley is still trying to (a) make up for his father’s mistakes [he made a few] and (b) live up to his father’s expectations. If Mayor Richard M. Daley runs and serves out his next term, that would make twenty-two years in office, one more than Mayor Richard J. Daley. Doing so is not, of course, a way of besting his Dad, but of pleasing him.

Richie Daley knows that nothing would make the Old Man happier than seeing Richie carry the torch a little further up that hill. And, if all goes as planned, it would mean that in 2011, a Daley would have been the Mayor in Chicago for 43 of the, then, last 56 years. As Ronald Reagan would say, “Not bad, not bad at all.”

Trying to prevent that scenario is the man “Sitting in the dock of the bay,” that is Dock Walls. Is Dock Walls a credible challenger to the Mayor? Can he put Daley on the Dock? Is he confident Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. will not get in the race? Rev. Meeks? If Jesse, Jr. or Rev. Meeks does, could Dock resist the pressure to get out? We hope to find out the answers to these and many other questions this Sunday.

Please send any suggested topics, questions or relevant information to me at the below email address for this Sunday’s taping with Dock Walls. Unless otherwise indicated, all such communications to me are assumed to be “not for attribution.”

Oh yes, if Dock Walls succeeds, he promises to stay there only eight years. Dock will term limit himself. No dynasty plans for Dock. Dock Walls, meet David McSweeney, 8th CD Republican nominee, who has promised to term limit himself, if he wins in November, to six years.
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