Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update on Senator Obama’s vote on Judge Alito

I had been quite critical [See here] of the Democratic junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, when I wrote on Tuesday:

Senator Barack Obama, a man about whom I had written glowingly and stated, prior to his election, that he transcends race and politics, had no choice [on the Alito confirmation vote]. Given the above political situation, he had to vote not to confirm. What was so disappointing, however, was the almost complete lack of thought, intelligence and style in the… statement that Senator Obama released on his Alito vote.

I learned after writing the above that Senator Obama planned to release a more detailed statement and analysis than had been circulated to the press about his decision not to support the confirmation of Judge Alito’s nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court. Senator Obama's press office tells me that such a statement will be made available to the media at about the same time that Senator Barack Obama takes to the Senate Floor to deliver his remarks on this matter to his Senate colleagues.

Further, I have just been informed by the Obama press office that Senator Obama is expected to make his remarks [Watch here] within the next twenty minutes. I look forward to receiving those thoughts of the good Senator and I, of course, will amend and revise my comments on the Senator’s explanation of his vote on Alito, if appropriate.
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