Sunday, January 15, 2006

Questions for Treasurer Candidate Paul Mangieri[D-Galesburg]?

Paul Mangieri, 47 [By the time our show airs the week of Jan. 24 in the suburbs], Knox County State’s Attorney, and endorsed by the Democratic State Central Committee ten weeks ago for State Treasurer, is being taped this afternoon for our Public Affairs show. Some in the Democratic Party would argue that Mangiere’s Galesburg, IL residence brings important geographic balance to the Illinois Democratic Party’s statewide ticket, as the five incumbents on that ticket are all located in Chicago, and within about a seven mile radius of each other.

One person who I sense would disagree with the importance of geographic diversity on the State-wide ticket is Mangieri’s Primary opponent, Alexi Giannoulias, 29, who is a senior loan officer at his family’s Broadway Bank, and who has has worked for the last three and one half years at Broadway Bank. Giannoulias declined to be on tomorrow’s show but committed to tape it in late February.

If you have any suggested questions for our guest, Paul Mangieri, please email them to me, at the below address, by 11:30 am, today. There will be nothing attributed to you, unless you prefer it.
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