Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Endorsement time again: Cong. Hyde, Sen. Roskam and the 6th CD Dems

State Senator and 6th Cong. Dist. Republican Primary Candidate Peter Roskam [R-Wheaton] is holding a Press Conference tomorrow at High Noon at the Addison Township Conference Room, located appropriately enough in Addison, IL

Reliable Sources indicate that Roskam, who is currently the only Republican candidate in the 6th CD primary [See here], will be endorsed at the Press Conference by Cong. Henry Hyde, who of course has held the 6th CD seat for going on 31 years. Cong. Hyde is currently the Chairman of the House International Relations Committee, was previously Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and is a major icon in the Conservative Community and the Republican Party, not to mention in the 6th CD.

Although, Democrats would point out that Hyde’s Democratic opponent last fall, Christine Cegelis, who is running again in a contested 6th CD primary, managed 44% of the vote—indicating perhaps—or so argue the Dems-- that the 6th CD is changing its strong preference for conservatism—and it was Roskam’s former primary opponent and colleague, State Senator Carole Pankau, who contended that the 6th CD did not want a “Hyde clone.”

Talking about the Democrats, for an interesting take on some aspects of the 3-way 6th CD Democratic Primary, especially the current nuts and bolts of the Cegelis operation and spending, see Archpundit’s [Larry Handlin] discussion here, including this bit of wisdom:

The frustration in this race is that the Cegelis supporters who complain that the Party tries to shove a moderate down liberals' throats are arguing for the party to clear the field for the liberal. While I understand that people think their candidate is the best option, that's the point of primaries.

Back to the Republicans, when I interviewed Cong. Hyde [R-6th CD, Addison] late last summer on “Public Affairs,” he seemed to be getting a bit frustrated with the progress, or lack thereof, in dealing with the insurgents in Iraq [See here and here and here]. It would be interesting to get an update on those opinions, as well as how successful he believes recently [recess] appointed Ambassador John Bolton might be in his efforts to bring about reform of the United Nations. Indeed, getting Senator Roskam’s views on these and other topics might be of interest, as well. Could be an interesting session-- tomorrow.

How big is the Hyde Endorsement, in light of the lack of current Republican Primary opposition faced by State Senator Peter Roskam? Well, potential entrants have until December 1, 2005, to file. Although no Republicans seem to be on the horizon—if someone is giving entry a thought, Hyde’s endorsement is yet another reason for that person to think again—and to find a more productive way to spend his or her summer and fall. Keeping potential entrants out is not just a business strategy.

Moreover, Senator Roskam is out there in this Long Hot Summer, working the 6th CD hard, including walking the precincts: 2000 residences so far and targeting 10,000 before the primary, in Bloomingdale and York Townships, as well as in his own township of Milton. And, I hear that the good Senator is getting an earful on Taxes, Healthcare, Education, the War and O’Hare. So, when Archpundit reports:

…[Senator] Roskam is going to run a brutal campaign designed to hit every hot button social issue he can.

I don’t know if I would bet the ranch on that. Such a strategy wouldn’t necessarily be a winning strategy and I think Senator Roskam is running to win. As I am sure Archpundit would agree, the more the Democrats run to the left, the more room there is for Roskam to run to the center. That median voter theorem, cited by Larry Handlin, has a lot of applications. Just ask first term Congresswoman Bean [D- 8th CD, Barrington] about her vote for CAFTAlast week [Cong. Bean was one of only 15 Democrats in the House voting for CAFTA].
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