Friday, July 15, 2005

Berkowitz on Roeser this Sunday night: Free to choose

I will be a guest this coming Sunday night on Tom Roeser’s Political Shoot-out, WLS 890 AM Radio, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The show will also be joined by State Rep. Aaron Schock [R-Peoria], who was elected to the Peoria District 150 School Board at 19, became its President at 23 and at 24, is the youngest member of the Illinois legislature. Schock beat then Democrat Incumbent State Rep. Ricca Slone in 2004 and immediately became a Tier 1 target in his effort to win re-election in 2006.

Upset with something I said on my show? something I wrote on this blog?—this is your chance to fire back. A free fire zone, so to speak. Also, you can help shape the show by calling in with your questions and comments—312-591-8900. Democrats, Republicans, Independents and others are, of course, all welcome.

I don’t know the topics—which are determined by Mr. Roeser, exclusively, and are kept under Lock and Key, and under the watchful eye of Lilian Roeser, as certified by PWC, until just before the show. However, an educated guess is that they will consist of various state and city of Chicago issues, possibly selected from the following 22 questions. And, if not, you can call and ask any of the below questions or whatever you like. As with University of Chicago Ph. D. prelim questions in economics over the years, the questions on Political Shoot-out stay the same each week, only the answers change. And you are free to choose, so to speak: ·

* Who won the Bob Kjellander-Sen. Rauschenberger War of Words this week?
· Will the Governor’s sneak appropriation of funds for embryonic stem cell research be a successful political gambit? A successful scientific policy?
· Who just raised one million dollars, in one evening, for their school choice foundation.
· Will a serious, Democratic primary challenger step up to take on Rod Blagojevich?·
* Who will replace Dick Kay?
· Can and will Jim Edgar make a comeback, putting actual residents back in the Guv Mansion?
· Will Speaker Mike permit a Democratic primary challenger to Cong. Dan Lipinski in the 3rd Cong. District?
· Is the pruning of the Republican Gubernatorial Primary candidates about to start? With Ron Gidwitz [SIFO]?
· Is Cong. Bean vulnerable in the 8th CD?
· Has Carol Marin replaced Steve Neal?
· Can the Democrats pick up a seat in the 6th CD?
· Can Cong. Kirk be beat in the 10th CD?
· Can Cong. Evans be beat in the 17th CD?
· Have the corruption eruptions and turmoil in the Daley Administration slowed?
· Who is the latest addition to the growing list of Mayor of Chicago wannabees?·
* Will Frank Watson be dumped by his Senate caucus?
· Will Blago start next year with a projected balanced state budget-- for a change?
· Did Mary Dempsey make a difference?
· Who will replace Bob Sirott?
· Can the Democrats shock Aaron Schock to win back their 92nd Dist. seat?
· Can Comptroller Dan Hynes and Senator Dick Durbin still receive communion? Where?
· Is Senator Obama a likely VP pick in 2008? Failing that selection or a win, would he run for Governor in 2010 [Hat tip, Russ Stewart].
· And, of course, much, much more.
Jeff Berkowitz, Host and Producer of Public Affairs and an Executive Recruiter doing Legal Search, can be reached at