Monday, October 18, 2004

October 18 at 12:15 pm - Index of recent posts on “Public Affairs," Blog:

1. Oct. 18, 12:30 am— Obama; Bromberg- 8:30 pm Tonight, Cable Ch. 21

Political Buzz: When is hardball too hard? Speaker Mike, Barack Obama and Backlash. A Team Obama mistake- participating in a misleading Bromberg mailer?

Monday Night Politics, better than Monday Night Football. Tonight, 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, State Rep. Candidate Michele Bromberg joins host Jeff Berkowitz. Includes partial transcript of show.
2. Oct. 16, 6:10 pm—Crane- O’Sullivan- LaHood- Bean- Trib Combine- Irony of Ironies.

With apologies to Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, who is Dennis O’Sullivan and what has he done with Congressman Phil Crane?

It still looks like it is Crane’s to lose, which he could do. The confused world of Cong. Phil Crane [A humble man?], Cong. Ray Lahood [star quality and frank?], Democratic Candidate Melissa Bean [level the playing field?] and the Chicago Tribune[free trade is for kids?]/Combine[Daley and ?]
3. Oct. 13, 1:00 am—Keyes- Obama Debate.

The first Keyes- Obama Senate Debate. No fireworks. Just good, serious, thoughtful discussion. A technical tie. Can Keyes sustain that tone for 21 days? Does it matter?
4. Oct. 11, 3:30 pm— State Rep. Julie Hamos v. Challenger Julianne Curtis, A choice, not an echo.

Transcript of Hamos/Curtis debating the new Illinois Affordable Housing, Planning and Appeals Act. Which view represents yours?
5. Oct. 11, 12:30 am: The Obamas, Coulson, Bromberg and Schakowsky.

What’s wrong with this picture? Who doesn’t belong in it? Did you know that Bromberg started to run against Cong. Jan Schakowsky in the Dem. Primary in 2002? Cong. Schakowsky, a forgiving soul?
6. Oct. 9, 7:15 pm: Madigan/Cross/Tully/Ryg/Marin/Keyes

Speaker Mike/Minority Leader Cross/Paul Tully/Kathy Ryg/Archpundit/Rich Miller/Capitolfax/cross on a Cross/Alan Keyes/Time on a Cross/crossed by Cross/Carol Marin on Judy and Tom as the silent Republican Majority?
7. Oct. 8, 3:35 pm: Virtual Keyes-Obama Debate

Transcript of Obama and Keyes discussing Foreign policy issues. U. S. Senate Candidates Obama and Keyes in a “virtual debate.” Morality, Ideology, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russian roulette, abortion and homosexuality. Who makes you feel safer?