Thursday, September 23, 2004

Updated September 23, 2004 at 4:00 pm

Barack Obama overshadowed by Michelle Obama?

Speaking to what was billed as 1000 Women for Obama at a FAIRMONT CHICAGO Hotel lunch in the Loop today, Barack Obama continues to stay on message, talking about the government helping people reach their potential in education and jobs, and helping out with their health care. The tone and approach, let alone substantive philosophy, could not be more different, when contrasted with that of an Alan Keyes event.

Democratic U. S. Senate candidate Obama charmed the crowd, as usual, but perhaps not as much as his wife, Michelle, who was essentially the moderator of the event and introduced her husband. Barack joked that Michelle Obama was the one candidate he most feared running against, as the Republicans searched earlier this summer for a Jack Ryan replacement.

As Barack said, it is lucky for him that his wife is a Democrat. Very seriously, Michelle Obama will be a major league campaigner and political asset for Barack, in the years to come. The interesting academic question is why she did seem to play a more prominent role in Barack's primary campaign. Or, perhaps she did-- and somehow she escaped the watchful eye of "Public Affairs." Another interesting question, does she have an interest in running for political office on her own?
Hillary II?

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards was in town to do some serious Bush bashing, and she did not disappoint the crowd-- although humor was in the mix as well.

There will be more about today's Obama luncheon and partial transcripts, perhaps, of a short videotaped interview we did with the Democratic Senate Candidate on over the course of the next few days.