Tuesday, April 13, 2004

O'Malley, the Peacemaker? Who would have thunk it.

Jeff Berkowitz: …Pat O’Malley, as we sit here on [April] 10th, the two people [who are running for Cook County GOP chairman] are Maureen Murphy, who currently is the Cook County GOP Chairman and she is also on the Board of Review…and she is being challenged by Cook County Board Member Tony Pereica…and so Pat O’Malley, who is going to win…?

Pat O’Malley: My understanding is that there is a third candidate out there.

Berkowitz: Who is that?

O’Malley: I am not at liberty to announce who that candidate is. It was just shared with me the other day…somebody…in the northwestern suburban communities.

Berkowitz: What about you? Are you supporting Peraica? Murphy? Or somebody else?

O’Malley: That selection is made by the elected chairmen from the townships and the city wards, …there is no opportunity for anyone else.

Berkowitz: …You could twist…a few arms, if you want to. Who are you supporting?

O’Malley: I have not gotten involved in it.

Berkowitz; … you are not predicting who will win?

O’Malley: you know I would say that Peraica is very aggressive and Maureen Murphy has had a challenging tenure. I think she has served in this capacity for two years and she has been very challenged by all the problems that exist for Republicans in Cook County and it would seem to me that there is a real opportunity here for a third candidate to slip in and somehow make peace.

Berkowitz: Peraica is sort of a moderate, at least on some social issues; Maureen is pretty socially conservative, they are both economic conservatives; That is my impression, is that your impression?

O’Malley: I would say on the latter issue, I think that is absolutely true.

Berkowitz: What about socially conservative?

O’Malley: There is no question that Maureen is. I served with her. She was in the General Assembly.

Berkowitz: Would you as a social conservative be concerned about having Peraica there.

O’Malley: I really don’t know what Peraica’s position is on social issues.

Berkowitz: I think he said on this show that he would support Senate Bill 101 [Legislation to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in housing and employment]

O’Malley: Is that right?

Berkowitz: That was more than a few months ago. Perhaps that has changed. Of course, it wasn’t something he was focusing on a lot…

O’Malley: I wonder if he knew what it was all about.

Berkowitz: Well, I tried to explain it [to him on the show]

O’Malley: Of course, they [ Cook County] had a registry they established [to facilitate domestic partnership employee benefits].

Berkowitz: That’s right, he opposed that, but he said on this show that he opposed it because he didn’t think it would have any impact—it wasn’t so much- I didn’t get the impression- philosophically [he did say that that he had to represent his constituents]. You understand that? You don’t get “Public Affairs,” so you may miss out on some of this.

O’Malley: I should get “Public Affairs.”
Pat O’Malley, interviewed on “Public Affairs,” recorded on April 10, 2004, show to be broadcast in the suburbs during the week of April 19 and in the City of Chicago on Monday, April 26.